Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phil Paine: What a game show says about Canadian politics

Over at PhilPaine.com Phil Paine (who else?) talks about what he concluded about Canadian politics after watching a recent TV game show called Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister.

Among the things he claims Canadians don't care about in the voting booth is sex:

Unlike in the U.K. or the United States, I can’t think of any “sex scandals” in Canadian Politics. We simply don’t care about the sex lives of our politicians, if they have any. It’s just something we never think about.

I'm sure that someone can dig up a sex scandal, but after about four years of reading pretty much daily on American politics, I'd have to agree that the difference is like night and day.

Thank Heaven!

More good stuff here.

A template used by deputy returning officers to help visually-impaired voters.

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Blogger Phil Paine said...

I can only think of two Canadian "scandals" that had a sexual element, but they are way back in time. There was the Gerda Mumsinger Affair, but the scandal was not that two Cabinet ministers were having affairs with the same cocktail waitress, but that she was a Soviet spy. The scandal was about the espionage, but the public enjoyed the sexual element (it inspired several songs, and a movie).

The public also enjoyed Margaret Trudeau's affair with Mick Jagger, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect on Pierre Trudeau's political career.

3:52 PM  

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