Saturday, March 15, 2008

Albanian armed forces -- a knife that turns in the hand?

A recent report on Al Jazeera inspired this post.

In order to join NATO, Albania has been restructuring and decommissioning many of its existing military resources. Some of these are amazingly old, and a year ago inspired the following ridicule-via-YouTube-video (crude soundtrack):

But all those creaky weapons, which might have been close to useless were accompanied by a "crazy" amount of explosives, as the Albanian PM said:

"The problem of ammunition in Albania is one of the gravest, and a continuous threat," Berisha said. "There is a colossal, a crazy amount of them since 1945 until now."

And some of that "crazy" stuff just blew up:

Read more here at Al Jazeera.

Imagine how much stuff countries that are not Albania have lying around!

There's always money for this stuff.

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